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LW-TPCS变压器试验测控系统 中英文介绍
Note: this is a information for our standard production, for more than 110 kv transformer experiment stations need separate design.
(一)、“系统”的组成 System composition
“系统”主要由以下几部分组成:this system are consisted by following units:
1. Automatic, manual and on-site monitoring three-in-one work console:Including industrial computer, laser printers, LCD, LCD digital instrumentation, control button, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, data lock, the scene video monitoring, etc.
2. Low voltage control cabinet: including relays, contactor, low voltage transformer (low voltage PT), low voltage current transformer(low voltage CT), etc.
3. Auxiliary instrument: 10A resistance meter, transformer ratio tester, 8 lines of temperature inspection instrument
(二)、“系统”的主要功能:System main functions:
This system can run the products inspection tests and type tests for power transformer (dry type,oil type and special type). The detail test items as  following:
No-load test: no-load loss measurements and the percentage of idle current measurement and conversion
Load test: load loss measurement and impedance voltage measurement and conversion to reference temperature.
Induction withstand voltage test: it can draws process voltage, current curve (discharge phenomena, flashover breakdown phenomenon be clear at a glance
No-load current harmonic analysis: can be analyzed to 19 times harmonics, and calculates the distortion degree.
The measurement of Test power frequency, environmental temperature and generator excitation voltage, excitation current.
auxiliary function:The data input of industrial frequency voltage, insulation resistance, lightning shock, oil test, partial discharge test, etc, to complete the file data and test report .
7、建立试品档案库。Establish tested object archive
Archive management: including browse, search, modification and printing, etc.
9、打印试验报告和试验纪录。Printing test reports and test record.
10、试验现场视频监控。Testing site video monitoring.
     six channesl of analog oscilloscope display for voltage and current.
      The main circuit computer simulation screen: it is a intuitive display for where electricity to be sent.
13、直流电阻测量。Dc resistance measurements
14、变比测量。transformer ratio measurement.
15、温升试验。Temperature-rise test
Over-current, over-voltage protection; Sound and light alarm; Abrupt stop button protection.
(三)、“系统”的技术参数: System technical parameters:
1、多功能电压表:Multifunction voltage meter:
        量程:Range: 0-100V,根据互感器倍率最大可显示99999V。
        It can displays to 99999V according to the transformer magnification
        分辨率:Resolution: 0.001V
        精度 Accuracy:0.2 class 级
2、真有效值电流表:True effective value current meter
        量程 Range:0-5A,根据互感器倍率最大可显示99999A。
         It can displays to 99999A according to the transformer magnification
        精度Accuracy:0.2 class级
3、低功率因数功率表: power meter of low power factor
        量程Range :电压for voltage: 0-100V,电流for current:0-5A,根据互感器倍率最大可显示99999W。
It can displays to 99999W according to the transformer magnification
        精度accuracy :0.2class 级(功率因数power factor :0.1)
4、多功能表:Multi-functional meter
            精度Accuracy:0.5class 级
    ⑵环境温度:Environment temperature
            量程Range :0-200℃。
            分辨率Resolution :0.1℃
            精度Accuracy:0.5 class 级
    ⑶发电机励磁电压、励磁电流: Excitation voltage, excitation current of generator :
            量程Range :based on the parameters of generator 根据发电机参数。
            精度Accuracy :0.5class 级
(四)、“系统”的技术特点:System technical characteristics:
System are double way to work:manual and  automatic
              System has independent of each other two sets of measurement and protection units, one set of unit can works right along when another set of unit  in questions.
Automatic mode can completes from step up voltage, collection, calculation, step-down, file and print all of the whole process automation.
    2、低功率因数测量Low power factor measurement
This System adopts high performance DSP technology to take sample of pure resistance, it has the same working principle with advanced power analyzer in the world. can be used for low power factor test occasions measurement. It can be used for low power factor test measurement.
Double way and rapid over-current protection, over-voltage protection
It can begin to action in one cycle wave with a quick response; And it is also double way protection for manual measuring and automatic measurement ; it can display over current, over voltage phase.
4、仪表读数直读 the meter reading can be read directly
Automatic identification the rate of voltage transformer  and  current transformer,all meter reading can be read directly.  ( but the signal of each gear should be supplied) 
5、仪表采用带橘黄色背光的液晶屏 Instrument used the LCD backlight with orange
Suitable for such as highlight, weak light,backlight,Various kinds of  environments.
6、读数准确Meter reading is accurate
All meter reading from the same cycle wave, readings are quick and accurate . And no requirement for pressure regulator brake.
Modular design, connector is simple;
all Key module have spare parts.simple maintenance  is simple and fast;
 System with monitoring for each switch of testing lines , and also with self-check function , zero start-up and various protecting function;
Increased test security.
Greatly reduces the working strength;
various specially designed temperature probe (sensor) for temperature rise test of oil transformer,dry transformer be equipped on system.;
Temperature rising process monitoring, thermal resistance measurements, printing thermal resistance curve (shown below), normal temperature calculation are all automatically.
9、显示的参数全   All the parameters displayed. Following data can  be displayed.
      均值线电压Mean line voltage:UAB,UBC,UCA,(UAB+UBC+UCA)/3
    有效值线电压RMS line voltage:UAB,UBC,UCA,(UAB+UBC+UCA)/3
      均值相电压Mean phase voltage:UAO,UBO,UCO,(UAO+UBO+UCO)/3
    有效值相电压RMS phase voltage:UAO,UBO,UCO,(UAO+UBO+UCO)/3
  真有效值相电流real RMS phase voltage:IA,IB,IC,(IA+IB+IC)/3
            损耗 loss:PA,PB,PC,∑P
        其他参数others parameter :环境温度,电源频率,发电机励磁电压、励磁电流。Environmental temperature, power frequency, generator excitation voltage, excitation current.
     Except above, The computer can also display power factor,apparent power
Data transfer adopts RS - 485 interface,it has long distance transmission, strong anti-jamming capability
System power supply is isolated source with  protection function to prevent the damage of overvoltage impact.
系统的保护 System protection
System Protection contains personal protection and equipment protection:
(一)、人身保护 for personal protection:
1、急停按钮 Scram button
In order to cut the power in emergency of test process ,  the scram buttons are equipped on  operator console and control device for urgent need.
2、警灯、警铃、及监视系统 Lights, sirens, and monitoring system
The alarm system setup lights, alarm bell and monitor system to remind operator.
(二)、设备保护Equipment protection
In order to protect the equipment safety operation, the system has 4 level protection: input level protection, output level protection, measuring level protection, tested object level protection to make sure display an alarm and make rapid action under tested object breakdown and other abnormal; Meanwhile locking fault instantaneous current voltage values so that easy for  failure analysis.
 after proctection action,the system will display corresponding prompting  so as to determine the fault location.
1、输入级保护 About input level protection:
an air circuit breaker are set at input end of motor and  regulator to protect the input end ofregulator and motor no current , and at the same time, it also can be used as the standby protection of output level protection.
2、输出级保护 About output level protection:
In a pressure regulator and generator set the output terminal overvoltage, over current protection, according to pressure regulator and generator output rated voltage, current setting. In a computer program belongs to set within protection. The main protection regulator and generator over-current, over-voltage, and as the intermediate transformer over current, over voltage protection.
An over voltage and over current protection device is set at the output terminal of regulator and motor, its adjusting based on the output voltage and current of regulator and motor.
It belongs a protection of computer program.
Its function is to protect the over voltage and over current of regulator and motor, at the same time, it also has a function to protect the over voltage and over current of intermediate transformer.
3、测量级保护 measuring level protection:
Measuring level protection can also be set based on the rating data of PT of measuring voltage or CT of measuring current ,so as to protect the safe operation of PT and CT, and also can be used as backup protection of lower stage .
4、试品级保护 Tested object level protection
By trying in the input voltage transformer, over-current protection setting, according to the subjects were used in the transformer test voltage, current, setting. In a computer program belongs to set within protection. Especially in small transformer fault but could not reach superior protection when subjects were fixed value of transformer protection effective means.
To set an over voltage and over current protection device at input terminal of tested transformer,its adjusting based on the testing used voltage and current of tested transformer.
It belongs a protection of computer program.
It's a kind of effective protection especially once the fault arising in a less capacity / voltage grade transformer and the setting protective limits is not reached.
5、调压器零位保护Regulator zero protection
In order to ensure the regulator voltage at a low voltage when power supply to the system, it has regulator automatic back to zero and regulator zero start function.
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